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With a history of over 30 years in the field ejidense in 2008 born GRUPO MARSAMO S.C.A., a young and family , located in the west of Almeria , dedicated to the production and sale of vegetables.

Currently we have the cooperation of farmers , and great productions in which our product is the zucchini. When producers have total control over the production , both in their characteristics , such as quality and distribution.

Zucchini addition , we also sell other products such as pepper, cucumber , eggplant and tomato . Many of these products we produce on our farms .

From GRUPO MARSAMO S.C.A. betting on the progress and modernization of production processes , we now have modern facilities and an exceptional team .

Our goal is to achieve a final product with the highest possible quality that will please all our customers and consumers.

GRUPO MARSAMO S.C.A. is certified by AENOR , the following certifications :